Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shapa Smart Scale Review

The Shapa Smart Scale is a new kind of bathroom scale that doesn't show your weight. There are no numbers on the scale itself. Everything is done through the app. I was excited to get this scale to review it and see what kind of new technology was being used with the product. It seemed like something new, but I soon learned that sometimes the old way is the best way.

First, I had to download the app. It comes free with the Shapa. There is an initial, one-time questionnaire to take before you can start using the app. It took me about 10 minutes to complete. There are a lot of detailed questions you need to answer about your weight, your health, your eating habits, and your exercising habits. It was a lot. Be prepared.

My Experience with Shapa

Next, you step on the scale with bare feet. I hate being bare foot, so this was a little annoying for me. You have to have each foot on one of the metal strips you can see in the image above. It takes a few seconds to calibrate. I was a surprised when I learned that the app doesn't tell you anything when you first weigh yourself. It didn't give me any information for the first eight days, and I had to step on the Shapa twice a day. Finally, after the eighth day it was able to tell me my weight, that I had gained a pound since starting, and that my body fat had decreased by 0.03%. You do have the option to not have the Shapa tell you your weight. The Shapa also gives you a color as well. Mine was green, which means "the habits I am creating today are keeping my weight steady".


There are also missions you can choose from. For example, commiting to a screen-free bedroom or listening to a motivational playlist in the morning. If you choose these you'd tell the app when you accomplished each mission.

Bottom Line:

I'm going to stick with a regular scale that tells me my weight, body fat, muscle density, and other information, or even a scale that just tells me my weight. Why? No waiting. Plus, I feel like the color and missions are just extra things I can do on my own without needing an app to remind me. I can't justify the $99 price tag with the Shapa.

Shapa Smart Scale

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