Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sleek Makeup Review

By. Aryanna LaMarco

In this review I’ll be going over my thoughts on the Cream Contour Kit, Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette, Eyeshadow Palette, Blush By 3 Palette, Face Form, I’m Conditional Mascara, I-Art, Major Matte Lipstick, and Between the Lines Eyeliner.

Cream Contour Kit:
I absolutely love this palette. The palette comes with six cream contour shades, some you can highlight with and some you can sculpt with. Some are cool toned, some are warm toned, and so they’ll suit every person and what they like in their product. This product was also extremely creamy, and blends like a dream. I would definitely buy this product again and 100% recommend it.  

Highlighting Palette in Distorted Dreams.
At first glance, I honestly did not think I would like this palette. Some of the shades are cream, and some are shadows. After using them I absolutely love it. I do a lot of editorial looks on my Instagram, and this palette came in handy multiple times. The bronze-y shade and the white-pink shade is something you can get away with on every day though, especially on the inner corner. I think this is the palette you never knew you needed until you have.

Eyeshadow palette in E10
This palette is absolutely stunning and comes with 12 extremely pigmented shades. I use these shadows all of the time. Some of the shades are really unique and inspired me to make some really beautiful looks. If you want to use in the crease, although they’re shimmers they actually blend extremely well. I love this palette and definitely want more in other shade ranges.

Blush By 3 Palette
This palette comes with three blush shades, one is a cool toned pink, and two are peachy pinks but one is lighter than the other. I think this palette is super versatile and everyone can find their shade in it. I also love to use this palette as eyeshadows. They blend beautifully and are extremely blendable.

Face Form Palette
This palette comes with a contour powder, and a face illuminator, and a blush. I love this palette so much. The shades are all extremely blendable. The contour is not patchy at all and is a perfect tone that could fit a lot of skin tones. It’s really buildable and I would buy it again. The illuminating powder is not a highlighter, it simply brings a glow to the skin. It makes your skin look super healthy and I enjoy it so much. The blush is pretty nice too, but nothing too exciting if I’m being honest.

I’m Conditional Mascara
The I’m Conditional Mascara is supposed to be an extremely conditioning mascara to reverse the drying damage mascara usually has on lashes. This mascara is supposed to keep your lashes conditioned, which usually helps them grow. But in my case, I found that with this mascara my eyelashes seem shorter the more days that I used it. The water this mascara is nothing exciting, it's a very boring fuzzy applicator that I see on a lot of mascara wands. It doesn't do much to my lashes, I feel like all it does is make my lashes black. I feel like this mascara was a complete miss, with a better formula and a better wands they could have done something. I love Sleek’s products and I hope they make another mascara in the future.

Between the lines eyeliner
I love this eyeliner so much. It's a white eyeliner pencil, it is extremely creamy on Glides on the eye. I love the way that this looks on the waterline, I feel like it just opens up the eye and makes you look a lot more awake. I also use this in a versatile way, that when I wasn’t able to highlight my face with a cream highlighter because I am very fair, I would use this pencil. The only thing I have against this is when sharpened down far enough you can see that half of the pencil has wax side instead of the eyeliner.

Major Matte Lipstick
This liquid lipstick formula is amazing. It stays on all day without looking clumpy. I do wish it was a little bit more hydrating though because I don't care if my lipstick is transfer proof or not, but for someone who wants a lipstick to not come off all day, this lipstick is for them. The shade that I got is a really versatile shade for a lot of skin tones because it's this peachy warm deep nude, and I loved the way it looked. The doe foot applicator is small enough on my lips and fill them in precisely and know that it won't look messy. I love this lipstick and definitely want it in more shades.

The last thing in this list is the I-Art. What this is a creamy liquid eyeshadow that can also be used as an eyeliner. For someone who does extremely editorial makeup looks I really enjoyed this product. It’s super versatile, which I feel like is a running theme with Sleek’s makeup, but I can use this precisely as an eyeliner, all over the lid as eyeshadow, or in any other way that I see fit. I would definitely enjoy this and more shades.

So, in conclusion, I seem to like a lot of Sleek Makeup products, I'm super excited to see more products come from them like maybe a foundation or something more basic like that because their formulas are consistently really amazing. All of the shades seem to work for a lot of different skin tones, and their blendability and pigmentation never seem to fail. I definitely recommend you shopping at Sleek makeup

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