Monday, October 22, 2018

Benefit BADgal Bang 36-Hour Full-Blast Volumizing Mascara Review

By Aryanna LaMarco

In this article I will be reviewing the Bad Gal Bang mascara by Benefit. The packaging is very original, with a soft matte bottle, and it clicks when you close the wand into the mascara tube, which is an accessory that I absolutely love on this mascara and don’t see on any others.

 Starting with the formula of the Badgal Bang Mascara. It is a very smooth formula, I never get any chunks or spider-y-ness using this mascara. The formula is not too drying, but also not too wet. Most mascara formulas that are not waterproof usually make my lashes fall straight down, even after being curled. However, this formula, although not too drying, kept my lashes curled straight up all day. One minor downfall is that this mascara only comes in the shade black, which I wish there was a dark brown shade also because I feel that fits me and other people with green eyes and pale skin the best. The only problem I saw with the formula of this mascara is that when worn on the lower lashes, I seem to get a bit of mascara that runs on my under eyes, but that’s only when I’m majorly sweaty, and I think as it gets colder I will notice that it will stop happening.

The wand on this mascara doesn't look too special if I’m honest, but these types of wands are usually the ones that I love the most. The Benefit Badgal Bang has a tapered wand with small and short plastic bristles. The bristles are spaced out in such a way that they coat every single lash, and grip them in such a way that allows the wand to get mascara from the root of the lash to the tip. This wand makes the mascara so evenly dispersed and separated in the lashes, make the lashes more voluminous, and adds more length, to the point where every time I wear this mascara people ask me I'm wearing false lashes. this mascara has all the benefits (no pun intended) and no harm, and although I am a drugstore girl, I would definitely try to purchase this product again.

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