Thursday, June 14, 2018

Father's Day Food Gift Guide

Sometimes the best gift for Father's Day is something food-related. 


Food Gifts for Dad


Frantoio Franci Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

 Look how cute this gift set is! And the olive oil is absolutely delicious.

Fonte di Foiano Grand Cru 2017 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fonte di Foiano Italian Olive Oil is handpicked and includes a blend of Frantoio, Moriaolo, and Leccino olives. It's impeccable. Put a bow on it for the perfect Father's Day gift!

Laughing Man Coffee

I am SO picky about my coffee. I am a huge fan of Dunkin's, and I drink it black. If coffee is too bitter or acid-y, you can really taste it when you drink it without cream, milk, sugar, flavors, etc. Laughing Man is SO good. It's a tiny bit darker than Dunkin's, and IT IS delicious.

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