Friday, December 21, 2018

Treat Yourself with a Free Gift From Panda Pop

Cookie Jam and Panda Pop are two super addicting and fun games. The best part? They are FREE! Treat yourself to these gifts for your phone.  

These games are so much fun. Try them out yourself!

Winner of Facebook’s Game of the Year, our tasty match-3 game Cookie Jam will treat players to a festive Holiday Spinner where they can spin to win a variety of tasty prizes like extra coins, sweet pastry bags, and rainbow cakes!

In the world’s number 1 bubble shooter game Panda Pop, players can take advantage of a HUGE Coin Sale to buy new cosmetic looks, special power boosters and more!

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shapa Smart Scale Review

The Shapa Smart Scale is a new kind of bathroom scale that doesn't show your weight. There are no numbers on the scale itself. Everything is done through the app. I was excited to get this scale to review it and see what kind of new technology was being used with the product. It seemed like something new, but I soon learned that sometimes the old way is the best way.

First, I had to download the app. It comes free with the Shapa. There is an initial, one-time questionnaire to take before you can start using the app. It took me about 10 minutes to complete. There are a lot of detailed questions you need to answer about your weight, your health, your eating habits, and your exercising habits. It was a lot. Be prepared.

My Experience with Shapa

Next, you step on the scale with bare feet. I hate being bare foot, so this was a little annoying for me. You have to have each foot on one of the metal strips you can see in the image above. It takes a few seconds to calibrate. I was a surprised when I learned that the app doesn't tell you anything when you first weigh yourself. It didn't give me any information for the first eight days, and I had to step on the Shapa twice a day. Finally, after the eighth day it was able to tell me my weight, that I had gained a pound since starting, and that my body fat had decreased by 0.03%. You do have the option to not have the Shapa tell you your weight. The Shapa also gives you a color as well. Mine was green, which means "the habits I am creating today are keeping my weight steady".


There are also missions you can choose from. For example, commiting to a screen-free bedroom or listening to a motivational playlist in the morning. If you choose these you'd tell the app when you accomplished each mission.

Bottom Line:

I'm going to stick with a regular scale that tells me my weight, body fat, muscle density, and other information, or even a scale that just tells me my weight. Why? No waiting. Plus, I feel like the color and missions are just extra things I can do on my own without needing an app to remind me. I can't justify the $99 price tag with the Shapa.

Shapa Smart Scale

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Benefit BADgal Bang 36-Hour Full-Blast Volumizing Mascara Review

By Aryanna LaMarco

In this article I will be reviewing the Bad Gal Bang mascara by Benefit. The packaging is very original, with a soft matte bottle, and it clicks when you close the wand into the mascara tube, which is an accessory that I absolutely love on this mascara and don’t see on any others.

 Starting with the formula of the Badgal Bang Mascara. It is a very smooth formula, I never get any chunks or spider-y-ness using this mascara. The formula is not too drying, but also not too wet. Most mascara formulas that are not waterproof usually make my lashes fall straight down, even after being curled. However, this formula, although not too drying, kept my lashes curled straight up all day. One minor downfall is that this mascara only comes in the shade black, which I wish there was a dark brown shade also because I feel that fits me and other people with green eyes and pale skin the best. The only problem I saw with the formula of this mascara is that when worn on the lower lashes, I seem to get a bit of mascara that runs on my under eyes, but that’s only when I’m majorly sweaty, and I think as it gets colder I will notice that it will stop happening.

The wand on this mascara doesn't look too special if I’m honest, but these types of wands are usually the ones that I love the most. The Benefit Badgal Bang has a tapered wand with small and short plastic bristles. The bristles are spaced out in such a way that they coat every single lash, and grip them in such a way that allows the wand to get mascara from the root of the lash to the tip. This wand makes the mascara so evenly dispersed and separated in the lashes, make the lashes more voluminous, and adds more length, to the point where every time I wear this mascara people ask me I'm wearing false lashes. this mascara has all the benefits (no pun intended) and no harm, and although I am a drugstore girl, I would definitely try to purchase this product again.

Disclosure: I receive products in exchange for writing reviews. There may be affiliate links in this blog. I'll earn a commission if you buy something through these links.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Best Home Security Systems With Smartphone Apps

Let’s face it, home security systems are a smart and cost effective investment. They help protect homes and businesses from experiencing criminal activity, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, among other dangerous occurrences. Not to mention, home security systems only continue to advance, providing numerous other safeguard solutions and beneficial features. With home security systems’ increase in popularity, it’s no surprise that smartphone apps are now used to control these systems, making it easier to protect and monitor your home from afar.

Since security system apps are now the most desired way to control and access home security systems, there are a large number of different ones available to download. So, if you’d like to control every facet of your home’s security system from your work, while running errands, or even while on vacation in foreign lands, a home security app might be the perfect solution. Not only does an app help you to protect your home even further but it helps save you from expenses that you’d likely spend on hiring people to monitor and safeguard your home while you’re away.

To help you decide on which home security app to use, below is a list of the 10 best apps available as reported by First Security Services

  1. Vivint Sky Mobile App
When it comes to the best security apps, the Vivint Sky mobile app seems to long surpass its competitors. Although it requires that you register for a customer account, you get a lot more automation functions some of which include…

       Control lighting and small appliances
       Program and preset thermostats
       Ability to lock and unlock doors
       View live video of your home and/or property
       Arm/disarm remotely
       Monitor/set custom notifications/alerts
       Review your home security alert history
       Add or remove users

The Vivint Sky app’s convenient, easy to use, customizable design and the fact that it is free to download, makes it extremely favorable to home security system owners.

     2.    ADT Pulse App
ADT Pulse Home Security provides different tiers of home security and video surveillance packages. By using their app, you can control a number of security features offered through them. With the app you can control the security and automation of your home. Some of these things you can control from your smartphone include…

       Arming and/or disarming your security system from virtually anywhere
       Controlling smart devices like thermostats, lights, door locks, garage door and more
       Receiving email and text alerts when a door is opened or your system is disarmed
       Viewing live video or stored clips from your security cameras

       3.   XFINITY Home App
XFINITY isn’t just a trade name of Comcast Cable Communications, which is known for offering cable, Internet and telephone services. It also is a leader in home security solutions. Through their home security app you can control the following home automation and security features…

       Access your system remotely to change status and view security history
       Quickly arm/disarm your home
       View live video or clips of key events and occurrences
       Have automatic alerts to your phone or computer
       Scheduling lighting and climate controls to help save on energy and utility bills

Frontpoint is at the forefront of technology and that it includes its stance in home security. The brand’s user friendly app makes it possible to control your home through your smartphone in various ways, such as…

       Arming and disarming your system
       Getting instant email, text, or push notifications for any of the alerts you select
       Viewing live stream or recorded video footage
       Controlling all lights, locks, and thermostats in your home

The Frontpoint app is compatible with all Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices and free to download.

Protect America has been providing the U.S. with advanced home security systems for over 25 years. With this being said, their free mobile app is just as great, if not better than its competition. Some of the features and safeguards you can control from the app include the following…

       Arming and disarming capability
       The ability to lock or unlock your doors
       Access to live video stream
       Managing your home’s energy use with light and temperature control
       Customizing your alert settings
       Your ability to receive email/text notifications if alerts are detected

      6.   SimpliSafe Security App
This time honored home security company has been enhancing its overall system and app for years. Nowadays, you can benefit from functions included in the free app such as…

       Getting alerts on your smartphone for floods, fires, and carbon monoxide leaks
       Checking into your event log to see who has entered and left your home
       Monitoring the access to particular areas within your home
       The ability to arm and disarm your system from your smart device
       Receive alerts anytime your security system is armed and disarmed
       Ability to control your thermostat from afar

      7. App
As an outstanding provider in home security equipment, isn’t a home security system creator but rather an independent contractor that works with multiple home security providers. One of the ways in which they help these companies is by offering a one-of-a-kind app that allows their customers to control their home’s automation as according to the type of home security system they have. This automation control can be done from any smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled device after you download the app. Here is what’s typically included with this free security control app…

       Ability to watch live video streaming and recorded clips from security cameras
       Ability to control lights and thermostats
       Lock and unlock doors
       View important images captured by image sensors such as those that may include possible criminal activity
       Ability to search your home’s event history
       Arming and disarming the security panel at home
       You’ll receive alerts from flood and fire sensors

      8.   LifeShield Security App
Similar to Comcast, DIRECTV doesn’t just offer Internet, cable and phone services, but it provides home security systems. Although you aren’t able to control the simple features of your home such as the lighting or temperature, there are many other amazing features some of which include…

       Setting and managing unique access codes for your babysitter, workers, etc. You can even track the times they enter and leave the home.
       Checking still camera shots
       Having remote access anywhere
       Viewing system history that includes the activity in your home
       Customizing alerts
       Arming and disarming remotely

      9.   Nexia Home Intelligence App
Nexia Home Intelligence is created to work and coincide with well-known and respected products from a number of different leading home security manufacturers. With the free mobile app you are able to control…

       Schlage Home Keypad Locks and other Z-Wave devices with an easy to use interface compatible with Nexia
       Set temporary codes for safe and simple access for guests expected to enter your home
       Viewing real time security cameras and video recordings
       Control, monitor and schedule your home’s heating and cooling system from anywhere with a specific thermostat

The Canary Connect Home Security app is one of the highest rated security apps available. You can easily monitor your entire home and control all your security devices via your phone, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device when you download the free app. Here is what you can do when you have the app on your phone…

       Control who enters the home by locking and unlocking doors
       Receive special alerts and notifications according to your preference
       Customize your enabled functions and settings
       Watch live or previously recorded video surveillance
       Control person and motion detections
       Connect with emergency responders from afar
       Trigger sirens connected to the home
       Monitor the air quality, temperature, and humidity of your home

Choosing Your Home Security System Mobile App

Now that you have some knowledge pertaining to the best home security mobile apps available on your smartphone, it’s time to choose the right one. Fortunately, to make your decision a little easier, many of these apps are only compatible with certain home security systems and devices. If you have more than one app option available to you, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Also check out which apps have the most control over the specific security features you have installed in your home.