Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Frida Kahlo Makeup Brush Sets Review

 The Frida Kahlo Makeup Brush Sets is being released by Anisa International and is being sold on Amazon. You can buy the Kabuki brush, a brush cleaning pad, a bronzer/highlighting brush, and a brush sets. 

 The Kabuki brush and storage case retails for 29 dollars. It has a heavy silver matte handle, with a metallic silver skull one side and Frida Kahlo’s name on the other. It has countless soft white bristles that ombre into a muted grey blue. The brush is very large, perfect for setting the face quickly and flawlessly. I personally love this brush and cannot find anything wrong with it. The case is perfect for travel, and the packaging is beautiful. It has red roses and watermelons sporadically on the packaging, and you can see faint grey patterns behind it. Frida Kahlo’s face is on the front, and her name is printed beautifully under it. The case is good for travel because it can fit many more things than just the kabuki brush, like a powder compact!

The Silicone Brush Cleaning Pad and the Highlighting/BronzerBrush retail for 26 dollars. The cleaning pad is a beautiful shade of red, that suits the packaging of the brushes. It has small nubs so that when cleaning your brushes, you can get a sure deep clean to get out any makeup you might of missed with your bare hands. It has a band to put your fingers in, and the silicone is super easy to rinse off so there’s no makeup residue on the pad. I think that this cleaning pad is a must have, it is perfect for cleaning liquid makeup out of brushes. 

The Bronzer/Highlighting brush has a white handle with a metallic skull on one side, and Frida Kahlo’s name printed on the other, with a silver segment at the base of the bristles. The brush has a slight curve to it, and is perfect for getting under the cheekbones of your cheeks to bronze or contour with powder product. The bristles are extremely soft, and have the same white to blue-grey ombre as the Kabuki does. I personally would not use this brush to highlight with, I think it’s too big and would make too much of a straight line, but others may disagree with me. I love this brush though for bronzing. 

The Face and Eye Brush Set retails for 45 dollars. It comes with four double sided brushes. All of the brushes have silver handles, with a skull design on one side and Frida’s nam on the other. The fluffy paddle powder brush is extremely soft, and versatile. It would be great for spot setting your face, bronzing, or even blush. It also has the same white to blue-grey ombre bristles. The other side of the brush is round and dense, and perfect for blush and contour. I see nothing wrong with either of these brushes. 

The next brush in the set is a foundation and contour brush. The foundation brush side is round and dense. It’s extremely soft, and leaves no brush strokes on your foundation. The other side has a flat dense contour brush, perfect for blending a cream contour flawlessly, also leaving no brush strokes. I cannot find a reason to dislike these brushes either.

The next brush is a eye brush. One side is a blending crease brush. It is extremely soft, and is beautifully tapered, perfect for fitting into the contour of the eye and blending flawlessly. The other side of the brush is a flat fluffy eye brush. It can be used for patting shadow onto the lid, or blending the edges of a shadow. I also think it can be used for contouring the nose with a powder. I love this brush. 

Last but certainly not least in the set, we have another eye detail brush. One side has a thin but dense angled brush, perfect for making a precise sharp line for the brows or eyeliner. The other side has a small tapered blending brush. This can be used for the lower lash line, or adding definition to the crease. I cannot find a reason to detest this brush. 

In conclusion, I think the Frida Kahlo Brush Sets are a must have! I don’t have any reason to dislike any of these brushes, and i’m not surprised they have five stars on 100% of the Amazon reviews. I think these brushes are perfect for travel, or everyday use. 

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