Friday, October 20, 2017

Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software Review

I believe Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is revolutionary. Now you might think this software is a game with a name like Dragon, but it is actually a voice recognition software and it has been a lifesaver for many. Dragon speech recognition software has been around for a while and has been very successful and with good reason. This software can make life so much easier for anyone who can think and speak faster or more comfortably than they can think and type. It’s also great for anyone who suffers from arthritis in the hands, those who are dyslexic, and people with other illnesses that may prevent them from typing.

Dragon Naturally Speaking will type anything you say and it learns your voice, your modulations, the way you use words, the words you use, and how to correct any mistakes. The more you use Dragon the more it will learn about you and your speech patterns. In the future it can use what it has learned to help you write new reports and assignments.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking can help you write what you want to write. It will help you to edit, make changes, spell check, and print your documents quickly. Dragon comes with its own headset and is easy and intuitive to use. You will be speaking while Dragon types within minutes of opening the box. If your hands need a break for any reason, give Dragon software a try!

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