Sunday, July 9, 2017

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Review

The Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara has a tapered wand with close bristles that define and separate lashes which give the appearance of more lashes. The fibers in the formula thicken lashes in order to add more volume. It comes in four shades, blackest black, black, blackened brown, and plum brown.

Features at a Glance: 

  • Tapered brush with close bristles define lashes individually which help give the effect of more eyelashes.
  • Available in four shades
  • Flake free and also smudge proof, the perfect formula.


  • Formula is smooth but doesn’t smudge, and is moisturizing so it doesn’t flake.
  • Low cost
  • Tapered brush helps get to the eyelashes at the inner corner.
  • Easy removal, even with just warm water, even though it won’t come off during the day.


Some reviews say that the mascara is a little dry which can make it hard to layer, but some find that simply using a lash primer can help the product go on a lot easier, which means needing a lot less layers and it moisturized the lashes making the product less dry.
Our Opinion: I think that this mascara is definitely a must have! It’s subtle which is great for a everyday natural look. The formula is just right so that it won’t flake or smudge, and it glides on the lashes easily. It can easily wash off, so it won’t damage your lashes, and the wand gets every lash without getting on the lid.

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