Friday, June 23, 2017

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara Review

The Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara has an extremely smooth formula that will evenly cover each eyelash with out any clumps. The wand is extremely flexible and will curl your lashes and go in between every lash. The bristles are tiered in order to get every size lash, since your eyelashes are also tiered a little bit. The wand separates the lashes so that you don’t get what people call “spider eyelashes”. 

Features at a Glance:

  • Flexible tiered wand is made to coat every lash
  • The wand and smooth formula is great for no clumps or spider lashes.
  • Comes in the shades Blackest Black, Blackened Brown, Black, and Blackest Black Waterproof.


  • Quickly applies smooth formula on lashes without clumps.
  • Low cost
  • Comes in four shades: Blackest Black, Blackened Brown, Black, and Blackest Black Waterproof.
  • Tiered bristles get every single eyelash.


Some reviews say that the formula smudges very easily, or it sweats off. This type of review is very rare and most think the formula is amazing, if you have this problem simply set your under eyes. The powder will help deflect the mascara, and if it does smudge you can wipe it away easily. I have to say for myself though, smudging is not a problem.

My Opinion:

I think that this mascara is a must have. It looks great in photos because of the amazing definition. The tiered bristles help get every last eyelashes, which is an amazing idea since our eyelashes are kind of tiered too! We have some short ones and some really long ones in the same place, and it helps coat each and every one of them. Because of this it adds tons of volume which is great for a special occasion without the false eyelashes. It also has a smooth and thick formula that won’t flake and make your eyelashes feel extra dried out, and the wand easily separates lashes. I would buy again!

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