Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cutex Nail Care + Color Review, Beware the Blaze

The Cutex Nail Care + Color in the color Beware the Blaze is a vibrant, warm toned, smooth red. The polish offers protection from water damage. Use two coats for full coverage.
Features at a Glance:

  • Shape of bottle makes it easy to shake, and it doesn’t slip out of your hand.
  • The polish has a gel-like thin, yet full coverage consistency.
  • The smell of the polish isn’t too strong. 


  • Low price
  • Polish vibrant and full coverage
  • Thin polish keeps from having thick goopy nails that never dry, all you need is two thin coats.


One con for this nail polish is that you need a top coat for this. If I were to scrape down my nail with this polish, it would scrape off. But, I have learned that with a glossy clear top coat it completely protects the polish from scraping off, gives it a nice shine, and lasts longer.

My Opinion

I would definitely buy this nail polish on my own. I hate having to add multiple coats with thick polish, but with the Cutex Nail Care and + Color, you only need a couple of thin coats that take seconds to dry. The color is vibrant and offers so much coverage.

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