Monday, May 23, 2016

Digital Snake


Get this best seller from Musician's Friend today: the Behringer S16 digital snake, on sale for a low price with free shipping. If you are digital mixing, you need this digital snake. This powerhouse takes the burden off of your FOH (front of house) for your convenience. Features on the Behringer S16 Digital Snake include 16 programmable mic preamps, 8 analog servo-balanced XLR outputs, AES50 network ports, and so much more! Click the link to check it out for yourself. Grab yours before the sale ends.

Sunday, May 15, 2016



Guitar Center has all of your dtar needs. Dtar is a brand name and an acronym that stands for Duncan Turner Acoustic Research. Dtar sells pickups, preamps, amplifiers, accessories, and more. Guitar Center currently has a wide variety of Dtar brand products for sale. The best sale right now is the Dtar Mama Bear Digital Acoustic Guitar Preamp, which is on sale for $349.30! Free shipping on orders of $25 and over. Free shipping to stores. Find a location near you.