Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Last Second Halloween Costumes

By Aryanna LaMarco

Let’s start with animated characters!

Agnes from Despicable Me
Difficulty level:  Beginner

You’ll need:
  • Yellow shirt (Preferably with yellow and black horizontal stripes)
  • Denim overalls
  • A hair elastic
  • White Sneakers
Put the hair up in a really awkward high and spiky position on your head. Grab a stuffed animal unicorn for bonus and you’re good!

Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph
Difficulty level: Easy

You’ll Need:
  • Teal sweatshirt
  • Brown Skirt (preferably pleated or crimped)
  • Teal leggings (preferably striped)
  • Black boots (preferably rain boots)
  • Berets
  • red scrunchie
Put your hair in a high pony. Take a comb or a brush and brush out two sidepieces like the picture above, and then just put a lot of berets in it and go get some candy!

Tina from Bob’s Burgers:
Difficulty level: Easy

You’ll Need:
  • A sky blue tee shirt
  • A navy blue skirt
  • white socks with one red stripe
  • black Converses or Airwalks
  • a pale yellow beret
  • Nerd glasses
Just stick the beret in your hair like you have no clue what you are doing.

Now let’s make some puns for the jokers!

Identity Thief
Difficulty level: Easy

You’ll Need:
  • Preferably black clothing
  • Black beanie (Optional)
  • Name tags
Write random names on the name tags and put them on your clothing. 

Difficulty level: Easy

You’ll need:
  • Nickels
  • Clothing adhesive
Stick nickels using clothing adhesive onto the back of your shirt and you're done.

When Life gives you lemons
Difficulty level: Easy

You’ll need:
  • A Life tee shirt
  • Lemons
First take a minute to admire this guy's genius. Now give out lemons to people on Halloween!

Animal Costumes!

Difficulty level: Average
  • Birthday hat
  • Long colored wig (Optional)
  • White dress
  • Pink tights
  • Leg warmers
So for the leg warmers if you can’t find them anywhere, or they’re too expensive, you can cut sleeves off of an old sweater, and they will look just like leg warmers. Next get the birthday hat and paint it white, and put glitter on it before the paint dries. Add some colorful sparkly eyeshadow, and You’re done!

Difficulty: Average

You’ll need:
  • Nerd glasses
  • Feathers
  • Orange paper
  • glue
  • clothing that matches the glasses get creative!
Glue three feathers to each top corner of the glasses. Take the paper and cut a long triangle. Fold it vertically and glue to the nose bridge of the glasses.

Now let’s try some Iconic Ads and TV Characters!

Rosie the Riveter
Difficulty level: easy

You’ll need:
  • Red bandanna with white polka dots
  • Navy blue polo
  • red lipstick
Take one side of your head and bobby pin it back, doing the same thing to the other side, leaving the top portion of your head alone for now. Now take the top portion and twist it, making a poof, and pin it down. Take the bandanna and tie it around your head, and you're done! Remember, “you can do it!”

Bob Ross (Artist)
Difficulty: Extremely Easy
You’ll need:
  • Afro
  • White colored shirt
  • paint palette
  • Paint brush

Other components for multiple costumes!

DIY Tutu from tulle
You’ll Need:
  • Tulle  (3 or more colors)
  • Elastic band roll
  • Sewing needle (optional)
  • Sticky Velcro (If not sewing only)

No sew instructions: Take the tulle and cut it into equal size 3-inch strips. Take each strip and tie it with the elastic band in a color pattern in which you prefer. Once the elastic band has tulle all over it and is long enough to go around your waist,  place  a square of Velcro on the end of each side of the elastic band so you can easily put on the tutu. Lastly grab scissors and cut to the proper length, and make the tulle even, or high-low. And then you're done and you can be a unicorn, snow fairy, whatever you want.  

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