Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ayden Baby Video Monitor Review

Levana Ayden 3.5" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera, Temperature Monitoring, Talk to Baby Two-way Intercom and Zoomensures your child is safe. Battery life is 48 hours. Ayden Baby Video Monitor has a night vision setting for nighttime when he/she is sleeping. With Ayden Baby Video Monitor you will always know when your child needs to change, is hungry, is trying to get out of his/her crib, and more. The camera is motion and sound activated, so the second your child makes a “peep” the camera will go into “Peep Mode” so you can see what your child is doing. If the camera is not already in Peep Mode, you can just switch your monitor on if you feel necessary. Ayden Baby Video Monitor has an intercom so you can talk over the intercom to your child to calm him/her down. Also, Ayden has lullabies you can click to play to your child to help him/her go to sleep. Also, the indicator ring is color coded to let you know how loud your child is. 
Pink= disconnected
Blue=low volume/whispers
Green=Low Medium/murmurs

Yellow= medium/cooing

Orange=medium high/ chatter

Red=high volume/yelling

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