Monday, July 13, 2015

EyeBuyDirect Eyeglasses Review

I've always been skeptical of buying eyeglass frames online, so when the people at EyeBuyDirect came to me with a review opportunity I took it. I was excited to get some new frames because I've been wanting some plain black frames. The adjustable nose pieces on my old frames were hurting, and I couldn't figure out how to get them in the proper position.

EyeBuyDirect Eyeglass Frame Features

So, EyeBuyDirect gave me a gift code that would cover the cost of the frames with prescription lenses, including some excellent features: Transitions (which turn into sunglasses in the sun), UV Coating (to protect my eyes from those harmful rays), and an Anti-Reflective Coating (which cuts down on those annoying glares).

Online Shopping Experience

Off to I went in search of frames. They have an overwhelming array of style choices, which I prefer over a teeny selection. I took quite some time to choose my frames. I loaded my photo on EyeBuyDirect so I could virtually try on the frames I liked. It doesn't quite look right, but you can get a pretty good idea of what they would look like. You will need to take certain measurements of your face so the computer knows where to put the glasses. I also measured the frames I was currently wearing to ensure I didn't get any frames that would be smaller than those. I prefer large, rectangular shaped frames. With the measurements of the frames on the website I could easily rule out the ones that would be too small for me.

Getting the Glasses

I ended up choosing the Claudia frames in black. I entered my information for shipping and billing, as well as my prescription. I received an email shortly after confirming my order with a link to check the status anytime I wanted to. I loved this because I could discover exactly where my glasses were from the lab to my house. It took about a week to get them in the mail. I love them! They fit well. I have no problems with glare. The Transitions work well so I am not blinded by the sun. Plus, I feel good knowing there is a UV protective coating protecting my eyes from the sun's harmful rays. I may just keep these frames forever.

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