Monday, July 6, 2015

8 Simple Steps to Get You Back On Track

By Sara Siskind, Culinary Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Counselor
1.     Start each morning with 2 large glasses of water with fresh squeezed lemon.  Our bodies wake up naturally dehydrated.  Instead of reaching for coffee or tea, begin with water!  The lemon naturally cleanses the body and adds beneficial vitamin C to keep your immune system strong. 

2.     Stick with 3 satisfying meals with 1 to 2 snacks a day if needed.  A satisfying meal contains a healthy fat, fiber and protein.  Also add in different flavors and textures to keep your food interesting.  Think hot and spicy, creamy and crunchy!

3.     Fast for 12 hours a day.  Meaning finish your last meal by 7pm and have your next meal the following morning day at 7am.  It could be 8pm to 8am.  We work hard all day long digesting our food which takes lots of energy from us. Your body’s digestive system needs a break too.

4.     When you snack, choose high-protein, fiber rich whole foods. A handful of nuts with a piece of fruit is a great option.  It’s the perfect a source of heart heathy fat, protein and fiber that our bodies need to help us get through the day.  My favorite on-the-go snack of choice is Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites.  Its chock full of antioxidants and protein and comes conveniently packaged in a bite-size snack.

5.     Break a sweat!  You don’t need to dedicate an entire chunk of time to a workout, but make it count.  Instead of an hour walk, run an 8 minute mile and 2 minutes of pushups and sit-ups.  Jump rope for as long as you can and do a plank for 60 seconds.  When you sweat, you release toxins and endorphins that make you feel good.

6.     Add in more greens!  The number one thing missing from the Standard American Diet are greens.  Leafy greens are loaded with nutrients and micronutrients Switch up your breakfast from oatmeal to a green smoothie or an omelet with veggies.

7.     Stay away from B.L.T’s- Bites, Licks and Tastes.  You know who you are… They certainly add up when you are trying to lose weight and stay on track.  BLT’s end up as mindless eating that doesn’t satisfy or curb your appetite. 

8.     Don’t get to the point of starvation.  Trying to watch what you eat doesn’t mean starving.  Hunger is ok.  It is a sign from our body telling us it is time for more fuel.  However when you go too long without food your body’s metabolism slows and it is much harder to get satiated.  Rule of thumb- do not go more than 4 hours without eating.

About Pistachio Chewy Bites
With two main ingredients, Pistachio Chewy Bites provide healthy snack lovers the amazing benefits of pistachios and cranberries in a delicious and nutritious bite-size bar.  Pistachio Chewy Bites are heart-healthy, 100% all natural, gluten and dairy free, low in sodium, GMO free, vegan and a great on-the-go protein snack.  They also have no cholesterol, zero trans-fat and are a good source of dietary fiber.  These nutrient-rich snack bars provide a great balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat for sustainable energy. With 7 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and healthy fat, the individually wrapped bars are the perfect one stop shop. 

Available in major grocery store chains across the country such as: Bristol Farms, Fairway, Shoprite, A&P, Roundy’s, HEB, Safeway, Ingles, Gelson’s, King Kullen, Earth Fare, Price Chopper, Wegmans, Save Mart, Lucky, Hy-Vee, Shop n’ Save, etc.  They are also available online at and

Pricing: 6-Pack $5.99 and 16-Pack $12.50

About Sara Siskind
Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Sara Siskind is the founder of Hands On Healthy, cooking classes for adults, families and teens based in New York. Sara has dedicated her career to educating clients on how food and lifestyle choices affect health, and how to make the right choices to look and feel your best each day. Sara translates the complexity of integrated nutrition into usable tools with easy-to-cook recipes that appeal to the entire family. Sara counsels privately to offer highly customized health and nutrition plans for her clients. She also works with parents on shopping and cooking smarter to create healthier homes. In addition, she teaches beginner to gourmet cooking classes with her signature "toss it in" approach. In addition, Sara regularly works with corporations and non-profit organizations to lead workshops and lectures on healthy eating.

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