Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Top 11 Ways to Use Coconut Oil (Tried and Tested)

By Aryanna LaMarco
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Phu Thinh Co

People have a lot of misconceptions on coconut oil. So before I show you these neat ways to use it, I’m going to clear some things up. No, it does not taste like coconut. It is solid but melts easily into a liquid. And yes, by itself it tastes like regular old oil. But these ways will make you understand why coconut oil is so trendy. Plus, coconut oil is cheap and effective!

Nail Strengthener: Put some coconut oil on your nails to strengthen them and make them grow faster. I do this every night now, for the first night that I did this I saw results. I bite my nails, but when I put the oil on them, I saw the whites of my nails around half an hour later! It is amazing how fast they grow, and how unbreakable they are. Do not just soak them in the oil or you will make your nails flexible. Just put some on and wait for it to soak up and dry naturally.

Sheer Bronzer: Mix up some coconut oil with some cocoa powder. The unsweetened kind. The more cocoa powder, the more pigmented the bronzer will be. You can put this under your cheekbone for the summer as a natural and settle tan, or as a contour even. Or put this on your legs and arms and the bronzer will not just tan you a little bit, but it will moisturize your legs and arms. Plus you will smell like chocolate!

Eyelash Growth Boost: Use coconut oil on your eyelashes every night. This will make your eyelashes grow incredibly faster and will make them stronger, which means fewer eyelashes are falling out, which also means thicker eyelashes. You will see results from 1-2 weeks, but keep going for 5-6 weeks for maximum results.

Hair Mask: The night before you are going to take a shower, put a big glob of coconut oil on your hair and massage it into your scalp and hair. Put a shower cap on overnight. Wash your hair when you wake up. The coconut oil will make your hair shiny and help it grow faster.

Natural Moisturizer: Put coconut oil by itself on your skin, including your face. If you have oily skin, the oil from your skin and the coconut oil will trick your brain and will make your skin normal. And if you have dry skin the oil will make it the right amount of oil on your skin. So it's a perfect moisturizer for all skin types and works well with sensitive skin. 

Cooking: Use coconut oil as any cooking oil. It is the healthiest oil to consume!

Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is a good, natural, and cheap makeup remover. It doesn’t sting your eyes too. I tried this because I had an eyeliner that didn’t want to budge, and I had tried everything to get it off. When I tried coconut oil, it came off like it was nothing.

Natural Skin Healer: If you have a burn or cut that is there to stay, put some coconut oil on it every day until it heals, it should heal quickly. You can also do this to dry skin like I said before.

Lip Scrub: Mix coconut oil, sugar, and an essential oil of your choice to make a lip scrub. The sugar will exfoliate your lips and get rid of old, dead skin. Plus… it’s edible! Add cocoa powder or other ingredients for varied options.

Body Scrub: Mix 1 part coconut oil and two parts sugar. I like to add lemon or cocoa powder to the mix. Use and ingredient you’d like, take a shower, and scrub. It will exfoliate your skin, opening up your pores and getting all those germs out of your skin, and removing the excess dry skin. Rinse it off. When you get out you will smell like whatever extra ingredient you used! Get creative and vary the scents!

Teeth Pulling Oil: Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and put in your mouth. Yes, it is going to taste like regular old oil and is most likely going to taste gross, but you have to leave it in for 10-15 minutes for noticeable results. Spit out and brush your teeth, and your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

Do you have a good use for coconut oil? Share in the comments below!

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