Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 DIY Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decor

By Aryanna LaMarco

Upgrade your home easily with these 10 affordable DIY decoration tips.

Home Décor DIY Tip #1: Use a square basket and nail it on the wall as a shelf or cubbies.

Home Décor DIY Tip #2: Upgrade flower pots by dip dying them in colorful dye. Mix the dye in water and dip the top or bottom into the paint. Hold for a few minutes to allow all excess paint to drip off. Flip and let dry. Dip multiple times for an ombre look, or to use different colors.

Home Décor DIY Tip #3: Paint picture frames the color of your wall and decorate! It will look like those fancy, elegant walls or hallways.

Home Décor DIY Tip #4: Use small picture frames to accent your light switches. Measure the perimeter of the light switch you want to decorate and find an appropriately sized frame.

Home Décor DIY Tip #5: You can also buy long mirrors and hang them on a shuffle-like closet door. Ensure you measure your doors first so your mirrors will be slightly smaller. It makes a bigger mirror with some little cut offs. You can also do this to bathroom cabinets. 

Home Décor DIY Tip #6: Upgrade your headboard by grabbing your bookcase and putting it against the wall at the head of your bed. Now you have shelves to hold your books and everything you need within reach at night. This is also perfect if you don't have a nightstand.

Home Décor DIY Tip #7: Use clear cups to hang on your wall for storage. Decorate with paint, colored tape, or a sharpie. A simple stripe is fine, and use neon colors for the spring!

Home Décor DIY Tip #8: Use string to create a unique wall design. Use dry mason board and paint it any color you would like. Once dry, use a pencil to draw the shape you are creating, and then gently nail in small, 1” nails onto the penciled shape. Keep them about one inch apart, and don’t nail them down completely. Double knot the string onto one nail, and then pull it to the other side of the shape. Wrap it around a nail there. Continue this until the shape is filled with a beautiful design from the string. Use metallic string for some sparkle. Get creative with your shapes:
·        the state you were born in
·        country you’re from
·        your favorite instrument
·        silhouette of a person

Home Décor DIY Tip #9: Buy wooden vases and paint them, or use colored tape to paint designs or a simple stripe to upgrade your vases to match your home. Also looks super cool with clear vases! You can also use the dip dying method for this too.

Home Décor DIY Tip #10: Put wooden crates together and paint to make a super cool living room table. It holds things in the crates, and there is room in the middle to add a houseplant, or a mini table to hold a smaller plant. Use nails and put together like below. You can find these crates at a Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

What is your favorite DIY home decor project? Share in the comments below!