Tuesday, January 20, 2015

15 Tricks for an Awesome DIY Manicure

By Aryanna LaMarco

1.    Have you ever noticed air bubbles on your nail polish? That’s because you’re not supposed to shake the bottle! Instead of this, try rolling the bottle in between your hands. This will mix it just as well, Just minus the annoying air bubbles!

2. Super cool designs with tape. Choose a base color (That will be the designs) and a second coat. You can even use this trick with a french mani by placing a piece of tape over the entire nail except for the white part, then painting your nail white. Wait 15 seconds, then remove the tape. Now wait for it to dry completely. You could also do a diagonal stripe with a cut piece of tape over a dry base coat, then paint your secondary color. Put your imagination to the test!

3. Have you ever noticed that the white area of your nails are yellow? Try using lemon and baking soda. Take a big heaping spoonful of baking soda and add to a bowl. Then squeeze lemon juice in the same spoon till full and add. It should fuzz and fizz up. Mix it up some more. Now place all of your nail and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Should be whiter! Any longer than 2 minutes then it will make your nails more flexible, dull and thin!

4. Ombre sparkly nails: Paint your whole nail with a sparkly/clear polish. Let dry. Now paint half of your nail. Let dry again. Now paint a quarter of your nail. Let dry, then paint almost on top of the next layer, but leave a tiny bit of room, let dry, and done! You can try using red on the first layer, orange on the whole nail over the red, yellow on the second layer with green over that, blue on the third layer, with green over that, then purple on the last two layers for a rainbow look!

5. Make your own glitter polish by simply mixing your favorite crafting glitter with a clear nail polish. Try mixing multiple colors of glitter together or use a colored nail polish!

6. Give your nails a fishnet look by taking 1 layer of a loofah and cutting it off, then painting your nails over it.

7. You are using your chunky glitter polish wrong! Dab it instead of brushing;

8.  Use some sheer bandages to create the perfect french manicure by putting right under the whites of your nails. Now paint with white for a natural manicure, or use a base and a secondary for a modern look.

9. Easily remove mistakes by using a small paintbrush, dipping it in some nail polish remover, and brushing off nail polish that is around your nail.

10.  If you apply tons of thin coats instead of one heaping glob, your nail polish will last longer and look nicer.

11. Instead of buying expensive nail art pens, just use gel pens for advanced nail design. Seal with a top coat. 

12. Mix cornstarch with any clear top coat to turn your nails matte!

13. Carve into a pencils eraser to make a stamp for your nails. (Hearts, leopard print, company you really like, etc.)

14. For a turquoise and gold stone style nail, use a turquoise base coat and gold on a bag as follows:

15. Use different shaped hole punches and punch holes in tape for a super cool template!

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