Sunday, December 21, 2014

SwellSanta From PlaySwell: A Better Secret Santa Swap


Join PlaySwell for their SwellSanta - an awesome online Secret Santa.

PlaySwell is a great site. It's all about sharing products that make our lives better, easier, and/or more convenient. I love it because that's what this blog is all about. It's why I started Geek Chic Reviews. I love reviewing new products to share what amazes me about new inventions, especially when it comes to tech and beauty products, or anything office/book related.

Anyway, I kind of went off track there. PlaySwell is a new website where we can share products that we just can't live without. Here's mine so you can read about one of my top favorite products that I think deserves to be better known. Now, it's your turn to play!

How SwellSanta Works

Step 1: Register - It's easy! You connect with your Facebook account.

Step 2: Add a product by clicking on the "Add Your First Product" button. What product do you have that has changed your life for the better? What can't you live without? Add it and write your thoughts. Remember, someone will be getting this as a gift, so be thoughtful! The product has to be available on Amazon and be between $7 and $100. You'll be buying your gift for someone in the SwellSanta community, but at one dollar less. So, if your choice costs $25 you will pay $24.

Your product's price will enter you in one of the following tiers:

  • The $15 Tier: products priced between $7 and $15

  • The $25 Tier: products priced between $15.01 and $25

  • The $50 Tier: products priced between $25.01 and $50

  • The $100 Tier: products priced between $50.01 and $100

The prices used will be from Amazon.

You'll receive a random gift of equal value from another member in the SwellSanta exchange. Influence the gift you get by adding products you would want to your wishlist! There's no guarantee that you'll get something from your wishlist, but there's a better chance you will get something from it if you create one and add products you like to it.

This is the best secret Santa I've heard of in a long time. Plus, PlaySwell reminds me of my blog here (Geek Chic Reviews) except anyone can add their favorite things. I hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas!

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