Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Geek Chic Reviews Video Game Awards

video game awards

By Samantha LaRochelle

Geek Chic Reviews is starting annual video game awards articles!!!


If you would like to nominate a video game, console, controller, or a video game accessory for me to try out send it to me and it has a chance of being in the Geek Chic Reviews 2015 Video Game Awards.


I have a PC and an Xbox 360, and am willing to try any sort of gaming piece or game out. I’ll play a game, new or old. Also a console, controller, gaming chair, or anything like that. Things sent to me also have a chance of being reviewed if I really like it.


Titles awarded will, of course, include best RPG, best sandbox, best MMO, best fantasy game, most updated game, most popular game, best TV show-based game, and more! For gaming objects there will be best console, most popular console, best gaming chair, and more. If you have a title in mind when sending the item please send it with the item, on paper. Still, while I’ll keep that title in mind, it might be awarded for something else altogether.

Suggest your favorite game, console, controller, or accessory in the comments. If you have a game you would like to enter in the contest, contact me here!


  1. You should review/rate Minecraft! Minecraft is the BEST!