Saturday, December 27, 2014

20 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

By Aryanna LaMarco

Makeup hacks that you need to know.

 clump free mascara

  1. Clump Free Mascara

Put a couple drops of eye drops in your mascara for no clumps, and revive dried out mascara. This can make your mascara last up to 3 times longer!

 smoky eye

  1. Perfect Smoky Eye.

Place a piece of tape on the side of your eye on a angle and start doing your smokey eye. Then, remove the tape for a clean, sophisticated smokey eye.

no eyelash curler

  1. Curling Eyelashes Without an Eyelash Curler

Just take a spoon and face it deep side facing out, place on roots of eyelashes, and press.

bold mascara

  1. Bold Eye Shadow.

Use a white eyeliner pencil and completely cover your eyelid to make your eye shadow bolder.

 curl eyelashes faster

  1. Curl Eyelashes Faster

Take any eyelash curler and blow dry it on the hot setting for 4 seconds to have curled lashes all day long.

 no lipstick on teeth

  1. Lipstick on Teeth? Not Anymore!

All you have to do is pucker your lips, and put your finger in your mouth. Then just take it out.

 no mascara on face

  1. Mascara on Your Face? Use a Spoon!

If you always get mascara on your face, just use a spoon. Place the spoon behind eyelashes and apply mascara.

 how to put on concealer

  1. Having Trouble Concealing Your Dark Circles? That’s because you're doing it wrong!

Instead of doing a half circle under your eye, make  an upside down triangle. This will make more coverage, and give you a healthy and youthful glow!

 perfect cupids bow

  1. Cupids Bow Perfection
    Get all of your cupids bow by drawing a ‘x’ on it with lip liner, and then fill it in with your favorite lipstick.

winged eyeliner spoon trick

  1. Winged Eyeliner
    Having trouble making a winged eyeliner look? Use a spoon!

Yep, I said it again, a spoon. Put the spoon on the side of your eye on a angle and draw your look.

 make your own gel eye liner

  1. Create Your Own Gel Liner
    Need a gel liner? Use a pencil eyeliner and put it next to a flame for a couple of seconds, wait 15 seconds, and apply. if you need to sharpen it up, use a cotton swab.

 thick lashes illusion

  1. Thick Lashes Illusion

All you will need is a eyeliner pencil. This is called tightlining. What you will do is lift your top eyelid and color in your waterline to give the illusion of thick eyelashes .

lipstick trick 

  1. Keep Lipstick on Your Lips

Have you ever drank something and found that half of your lipstick ended up on the glass? Here's the solution, all you will need is  your favorite lipstick, a tissue, and some translucent powder. Make the 2 ply tissue 1 ply. Apply your lipstick, then place the 1 ply tissue over your lips. Use a large brush and brush on the powder and viola! You have stained lips.

broken lipstick fix

  1. Broken Lipstick Fix

Take the lipstick bullet and carefully heat the flat side. Now carefully place it back in the container. Finally  place it in the freezer for 5 min and DONE.

 broken makeup fix

  1. Broken Makeup Fix

You will need rubbing alcohol. Crush up the broken make up even more. Now add  some rubbing alcohol and mix until pasty. Now shape it and smooth it. Good as new.

hashtag smoky eye

  1. Easy Smoky Eye

For a easy and quick smoky eye grab an eyeliner pencil and  draw a hashtag (#) on the outer part of your eyelid. Smudge it, and you're done!

 organize your makeup

  1. Organize Your Makeup
    Store makeup on a MAGNET BOARD! Absolute genius

natural plump lips

18.Natural Plump Lips

Put peppermint oil on your lips or take the stopper out of a lip gloss and add some peppermint oil. Wait until you  feel it start to tingle, wait some more, and if you had only put on the oil, remove.

 DIY easy makeup brush holder

  1. DIY Easy Makeup Brush Holder

You will need mason jars, paint, and, optionally, colored tape. Paint the mason jar according to what you like. Wrap tape around your makeup brush handles  if you’d like.

 how to glue on false lashes

  1. Easy Glue-on False Lashes Application

Use a bobby pin to apply glue to your false lashes for easier application.


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