Saturday, November 15, 2014

50 Cheap Christmas Gifts from Amazon

This awesome post of cheap Christmas gifts comes from the Krazy Coupon Ladies! They have an awesome website that helps me save money on household items (some are even free!). I've gotten into what I call coupon shopping (shopping for sales with coupons), and even have a little overstock in my basement. It's not much, but I love it because I know we're saving so much money on essentials. It used to take me hours every week to clip and sort coupons, but the ladies have come up with a new way. It now takes me about an hour a week to find the best deals for what our overstock needs. I'm not an extreme couponer, but I do a little to save money. Anyway, I also love the gift lists they put together. This particular one is for holiday gifts from Amazon. They've created their own Amazon store to showcase these affordable gifts they've found, and I hope they keep their store and continue adding to it whenever they find something. I recommend reading the reviews before you buy. Some items can be too cheap and fall apart on you. Some are just amazing bargains for a good product. Here's their store:

I am loving this bag:

bagStriped Canvas Bag only $7.99 shipped

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