Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 1 With No TV

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I finally did it. I called Comcast, aka, the Devil, and canceled my TV and phone. We keep losing the connection countless times a day. I can't work like that! I'm a full-time freelance writer, and I cannot have the Internet connection disappearing intermittently throughout the day and night. Since we had the "Triple Play" bundle, we had the phone connected to the modem. Every time we lost the connection we lost the phone. My most recent call was waiting on hold for 30 minutes, finally getting a customer service representative, and then losing the connection 10 minutes into the conversation. Frustrating? Yeah, you could say that.

Another reason for cancelling was the ridiculous cost of cable TV! We will save about $160 a month. That's a week's worth of grocery shopping and then some. That's important when you have a preteen and a teen in the house! Growing children can eat.

I kept the Internet connection, because I need it for work. I had to ask for a new modem, and ask them to send it in a box with a return label so I could send back their shitty modem, remote control, cable box, and cables. I might buy my own modem so I don't have to pay Comcast a monthly rental fee.

The No Cable TV Plan

I have Netflix already, which is just $7.99 per month. I will order Hulu Plus, which is also just $7.99 per month. The plan is to get all of my TV from streaming services like these, and still save a good amount of cash. I'd much rather read anyway.

Day 1 has gone well. I think it's glorious. I love the quiet in the house (normally the TV would be on no matter what). I've also been sick all day - a stomach thing, so most of my time has been spent in the bathroom. On my birthday! Oh well.

I am a bit worried about my hubby because he's such a visual person. He enjoys listening to audio books, but really loves movies and good TV shows. Is he going to be able to handle no TV? I don't know. Stay tuned!

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