Friday, August 29, 2014

Sachi Set of Six Insulated Market Totes Review

These totes are absolutely amazing. Definitely one of my favorite products that I’ve reviewed. They are gorgeous, reusable, insulated, grocery shopping bags. The different colors and designs are so refreshing. I get complimented on them all the time. I love that they fold up easily (most are difficult to fold up, or don’t at all) and store nicely. They are insulated, which is great for frozen or warm foods and drinks. During the hot summer months your ice cream won’t melt on the ride home from the grocery store, and during the chilly winter months your warm foods won’t freeze on the way home. This is perfect for take out!

I use these every time I go grocery shopping!

Other great features include a zip top and pocket on the front. I recommend buying two sets! Plus, these make great gifts.

Get your Sachi Insulated Market Totes!

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