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Back to School Shopping Guide

back to school catIt’s almost time for the kids to go back to school, and for some of you reading this that time has already come…you lucky parents you. Not that I won’t miss my kiddos, but it sure will be easier to get through a day of work from home uninterrupted!

Here is the ultimate back to school list created just for Geek Chic Review readers. I have selected these products for your back to school shopping, and as you’ll see there are a variety of categories here. I have included back to school supplies, back to school gadgets, back to school snacks + lunch, back to school accessories, back to school backpacks, and one section specifically for back to college. I can’t leave the college kids out!

Back to School Supplies:

Pilot FriXion Ball Pens
I love these pens and so do my kids. Most of the teachers allow them to use them on homework and schoolwork because they are erasable, and the kids love that they can use a pen for school sometimes. I like using them in my agenda where I will probably need to erase something.

Poppin Scissors
These scissors are for high school and college students, as they are sharp. They slice well and neatly every time.

Poppin Tape Dispenser
This is a very simple, cool tape dispenser that looks nice on my desk. It’s a great back to school item for college students.

Poppin Spiral Notebook
This is a great, sturdy notebook, perfect for taking notes or jotting down new ideas.

Poppin Sticky Notes 8.5×8.5
Giant sticky notes are always fun and useful!

Clean Colors Washable Finger Paint
There is nothing more fun than finger painting! I guess this item would be for preschoolers, but I think it’s fun for all ages.

Fun Paint Glitter Glue
Once again, another item for preschoolers. However, it might be fun to have for older kids for arts and crafts projects at home.

Mead Spiral Bound Notebooks
Spiral bound notebooks are a must-have back to school item. I like the assorted colors so my kids can use a different color for each class. It helps keep things organized.
Mead Five Star 2 Pocket Customizable Pocket and Prong Folder

Mead Five Star Folder
These folders are another necessity for back to school shopping. Mead has a variety of colors to choose from.

Mead Zipper 2-Inch Binder with Pocket
Features include secure zipper pocket, interior pockets, and exterior pockets.

Zazzle E-Z Turn Ring Binders
The best part about Zazzle back to school supplies is that you can customize them with images and text, or you can pick one out that is already designed.

Staples Compact Stapler
Staples sent me a zebra print compact stapler, which is awesome. I like that it takes less space than a regular stapler and looks nice.

Staples Cupcake Paper Clip Holder
This cute paper clip holder is shaped like a cupcake. The kids love it.

Staples Cupcake Tape Dispenser
A matching tape dispenser and paper clip holder – what’s better than that?

Staples Better Binder
The Better Binder’s features include the ability to hold up to 275 sheets and the rings open easily. The rubber edges and spine help prevent splitting.

Caliber Dry Erase Calendar
Comes with dry erase marker with eraser and two magnets. Must be stuck to a flat, metal surface. Great for a locker or dorm room refrigerator.

Mead CustoMYize Academic Weekly/Monthly Student Planner
The clear pockets on the front and back make this planner customizable. Covers the months of August through July. Includes references periodic table, Internet resources, hall passes, and more.

CVS Recycled Pencil Box
Plastic recycled pencil box with snap closure will hold lots of pencils, pens, markers, and more.

Caliber Expanding File
Expanding files are often on the back to school list for supplies. The coupon sized one is perfect for moms and dads who want to organize their coupons. I’ve been using it for that purpose and it’s worked out wonderfully.

Staples Flexible Calculator
This one is cool because it helps with limited space, which is needed because schools seem to want our kids to carry more and more supplies in their backpacks. I know they usually keep most of it in their lockers or desks after the first couple of days of school, but…This calculator can be folded and stuffed in the backpack.

Staples Patterned Erasers 
These are very cool! I love the owl erasers. I must say that I am impressed with all of the Staples brand products for back to school. They are of great quality and designed well.

Tummy Calm Children’s Gas Relief – Homeopathic Medicine
Thank you Tummy Calm! This will be great for getting the kids out the door in the morning for the school bus even when they have a nervous stomach ache or gas. I tried it myself and it works well.


Back to School Gadgets:

Lexar Echo MX 128 GB Backup Flash Drive
Middle schools and high schools are now requiring back up flash drives if they have computers for students to use. This allows students to save their work and keep it on them. Lexar is a great company that continues to make quality products.

Verilux SmartLight The Lamp for Learning
This lamp is said to be one of the best to study with. The light replicates natural daylight and is said to reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Studies have shown that this light helps students study longer, be more productive, have better focus, and more.


Pure Guardian H1000 TableTop Humidifier
Uses silver clean technology to prevent bacteria from forming. It’s really quiet so you can sleep with it on. It’s small and compact so it doesn’t take up as much space as those old, clunky ones.

Vivitar ViviCam iTwist X018 Digital Camera
Capture every moment at school plays, school sports, and more with this camera. The photos come out crystal clear.

Hallmark Recordable Storybook Curious George Curious You On Your Way Book
Record your own voice reading this book to your child so she can hear your voice even when you can’t be there. Great for daycare and school. It’s also great for relatives to record for your kids.

Hallmark Educational Products – Hallmark WATSON THE RACCOON Interactive Story Buddy 
This interactive story book with Watson the plush animal is perfect for preschoolers.

Back to School Snacks + Lunch:

The best school snacks are fruits, nuts (watch out for schoolmate allergies), and vegetables. However, sometimes you want to give your kid a treat.

Honey Maid Grahamfuls
Comes in vanilla creme, peanut butter, and peanut butter chocolate.

Skylanders Doritos Package of 20 Singles Classic Mix
Put the chips in a Tupperware container so your child doesn’t find a bag of crumbs come snack or lunch time.

Lock + Lock Tupperware 
I’ve tried a lot of different types of Tupperware (not necessarily the brand), and have constantly been disappointed…until Lock + Lock. The lids stay locked on tight and the Tupperware is well made. This will be great for snacks, lunches, and baked goods for school celebrations. Available at QVC.

Contigo Bottles
I love these water bottles, and use one myself every day. It is impossible to spill your water in a Contigo bottle, which makes it perfect for the trip to and from school. Available at QVC.

Litter Free Lunch
This cool lunch box has one reusable bottle, four reusable containers, and the lunch bag is insulated. The containers and bottle are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Back to School Extras:

Gum Toothbrush Star Wars Flash Light
This is so cute! It lights up like a light saber and times out one minute so your little one gets a good brushing.

Reach By Design Soft Value Pack
I love Reach toothbrushes. They seem to cover my teeth better than any other toothbrush. Put this on your back to school shopping list for your older kids and yourself. I also adore the variety of designs so we can all tell our toothbrushes apart.

Bengay Zero Degrees Menthol Pain Relieving Gel
This is for those tweens and teens playing sports. Great for strains and sprains.

Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes
It kills cold and flu viruses, 99.9% of germs and is safe around kids, food and pets. Plus, you don’t have to rinse it after using. The wipes work well and I love that they are botanical.

Back to School Backpacks:

High Sierra Boondock Backpack
Comes in charcoal print, black, navy, jade, and purple print.

High Sierra Tightrope Backpack
Comes in plum, jade, orange, and black.

High Sierra Slash Backpack
Comes in black, navy, pink, flower, multiple color pattern, and purple patterned.

High Sierra makes quality backpacks at an affordable price. Check out all of these different backpacks from High Sierra this year.

Back to College:

Vera Bradley Reversible Comforter Set & Vera Bradley Shower Caddy
Go back to college in style with this matching comforter set and shower caddy from Vera Bradley.

Threadless Peace and Love Trash Bin & Threadless Peace and Love Fleece Throw
These are so cute and perfect for going back to college.

What are the must-haves on your back to school shopping list?

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