Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NovaWhite At Home Teeth Whitening System Review

Effective and harmless teeth whitening systems are a must-have beauty item. As we age our teeth yellow with stains from foods, drinks, and especially if we smoke. I quit smoking in October 2007, but I still get horrible stains, probably from my coffee habit. Plus, my gums have receded a bit exposing the dentin, which is a yellowish color. It shows when I need another whitening session.

NovaWhite sent me an at home teeth whitening system to review. It's definitely different than the strips I am used to using. The 22% NovaWhite GO Kit system comes with a set of three 1.2ml syringes that contain the whitening gel, boil and bite trays to fit to your teeth, and a carrying case. The whitening gel doesn't taste too bad with a bit of a mint taste to it.

This is definitely one of the best whitening kits out there. It removed my stains and whitened my teeth in one treatment. I like that the trays are boil and bite so the whitening gel gets in every crevice. It works well and is easy to use. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Teeth whitening trays fit in tightly over the teeth in order to accelerate
    the bleaching process. ' OTC Whitening products for everyday use: Consumers can buy whitening toothpastes, whitening chewing
    gums and even battery operated whitening toothbrushes.
    Adding a couple of drops to your toothbrush when brushing, or swishing with a few drops mixed with water, can make your teeth significantly