Wednesday, May 28, 2014

UrgentRx Review

UrgentRx sent me a bunch of packets to try out, and I LOVE them! Are you kidding me? Why hasn’t this been inventing a long time ago? I am a new customer thanks to UrgentRx sending me these samples to try out.

I stuffed them in my cosmetics bag in my purse. They are so easy to have on the go. While running errands a major headache hit me. I remembered I had these and grabbed the headache relief packet, which has acetaminophen and caffeine. In the packet is the medicine in a powder form so you can take it with or without water. I took it and felt better within minutes. There are ones for critical care (aspirin for heart attack victims), headaches, stomach aches, allergy attack (careful, this one will put you to sleep), aches and pains, and heart burn.

I highly recommend these!

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