Thursday, May 29, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Emergency Preparedness Survey – How to Protect Yourself from Tornadoes, Hurricances, Zombie Attacks, and More

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

UrgentRx Review

UrgentRx sent me a bunch of packets to try out, and I LOVE them! Are you kidding me? Why hasn’t this been inventing a long time ago? I am a new customer thanks to UrgentRx sending me these samples to try out.

I stuffed them in my cosmetics bag in my purse. They are so easy to have on the go. While running errands a major headache hit me. I remembered I had these and grabbed the headache relief packet, which has acetaminophen and caffeine. In the packet is the medicine in a powder form so you can take it with or without water. I took it and felt better within minutes. There are ones for critical care (aspirin for heart attack victims), headaches, stomach aches, allergy attack (careful, this one will put you to sleep), aches and pains, and heart burn.

I highly recommend these!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

American Pearl Zaria a Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Ring Review + 3DPrinted Jewelry

???????????????????????????? When you order from American Pearl you receive this box in the mail. I was already impressed with the shipment American Pearl sent me to review. When a company puts an effort into the little things and details (like the box here, for instance), it really pays off.

Disclosure: I receive products in exchange for writing reviews. There may be affiliate links in this blog. I'll earn a commission if you buy something through these links.

When you open that box you get this little one (below) with the actual ring's box inside, if you order a ring. When I first opened it the ring was covered with tissue paper, protecting it during shipment. When I carefully took the tissue paper off and saw the ring I was in awe. I mean, just look at this! It's absolutely stunning. I apologize for the poor quality photos. I'm not a good photographer.

???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????

Putting the ring on I could see how beautiful it really is, and the high quality materials it's made of. This ring, along with others on the American Pearl website, would make a perfect engagement ring or anniversary ring.


Inside the box with your order you will get this. It comes with a cleaning cloth, jewelry bag, and certified identification report that has all of the pertinent information on it about the piece of jewelry. For example, this one states my name, order number, date, a photo of the ring, an appraised value (this one is appraised at $1,400 but sells on the website for $400), ring size, size (7.5mm), a description of the piece of jewelry (in this case: Japanese Akoya cultured pearl ring set in 14K White Gold and accented with brilliant diamonds of SI1clarity, G/H color and weighing a total of 0.10 carats.

???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????

The statement also checks off quality (very high AA), bodycolor (white), shape (all round), oyster (Japanese Akoya), overtone (silver), origin (Japan), waters (saltwater), and nacre (thick). What is checked off will depend on what you order.

The ring is so gorgeous I don't think my photos do it justice, so here are some from American Pearl's website. I think you have to see it in person to really appreciate the beauty, but here's what you get for now:

American Pearl RingYou can better see the intricate details in this photo.

It comes in sizes 4 to 10 including half sizes. The size 6 is $380 while all other sizes are an extra $20. You can order yours here. There is a wide variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants to choose from.

3D Printed Rings

And it gets better! Now, these rings are going to be perfect for any gift. Did your grandmother have a beautiful ring that you adored? These guys will take a photo of her with the ring and all of the information you can give them, and they will print a ring just like it for you. How cool is that? They can also do earrings and necklaces with their Jewelry Replicator technology.

You would go to the website, and click on "Replicate". Then you upload the images of the ring, necklace or earrings that you have. American Pearl uses those images to make a 3D model to show you for free. You then choose everything: the metal, size, stone, engraving, and anything else. Then you place the order and the piece of jewelry is made with real gold, silver, gems, pearls, and/or diamonds.

Watch to see how the process works:


Thursday, May 22, 2014

No More Contracts with GIV Mobile

With more cell phone plan options available than ever before, customers are exploring which plans work best for them. One trend that is leading the way and giving the “Big Four” (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless) and their locked-in contract plans a run for their money are no-contract wireless service providers who can offer almost identical service without the forced commitment, higher prices and termination penalties, to name a few.

Omar Abhari, SVP of GIV Mobile, offers 5 reasons why it is time to say goodbye to the Big Four and hello to no-contract plans:

1)  Flexibility

If unsatisfied with your current plan, no-contract wireless plans give subscribers the flexibility to switch to something else that inspires them, such as a service that donates 8% of your monthly cell phone bill.

2) No Deposits, No Fees, No Surprise Charges

Most no-contract wireless plans do not require a deposit to open an account, unlike contract carriers. Plus, contracted cellular service providers charge a hefty early cancellation fee. With services like GIV Mobile, you will only pay $40 or $50/month—nothing more and nothing less—cutting costs and those occasional billing surprises.

3) Convenience

With many no-contract carriers available with easy online set up, it beats going to the regular retail store and waiting in line. Plus, if traveling overseas, consumers can easily halt their current plan and buy a local SIM card to use with their phone.

4) Great for Families

With no-contract wireless services, there is often no credit check required to open an account. This is great for teenagers or those who don’t have any credit history and also for parents who want to have control over how much data their children are using.

5) The Way of the Future

While prepaid or no-contract wireless services were perhaps considered mediocre in terms of quality and savings, today no-contract carriers are the way of the future. Many no-contract carriers like GIV Mobile utilize the dependable, 4G networks of big carriers such as T-Mobile USA. Plus, no- contract services are stocking the latest and greatest phones, offering discounts and providing great customer service.

About GIV Mobile
GIV Mobile is the first consumer conscious, no-contract service dedicated to giving 8% of a monthly Unlimited Everything Plan (starting at $40/month) to a non-profit charity of the customer’s choice. Utilizing the 4G network of T-Mobile USA, Inc. GIV Mobile’s two affordable “Unlimited Everything” no-contract plans allow users to have fast and reliable connections from nearly anywhere in the U.S.  Along with providing a great mobile service, GIV Mobile collaborates with extraordinary charities to create a community that is dedicated to giving back. GIV Mobile’s wireless service will be exclusively available at

Thursday, May 15, 2014

HomeZada: Maintain Your Home with a Schedule

Ever wonder what you need to do to manage everything in your home?

Buying a home is an exciting time in a person’s life. But what happens after you move in and you realize that you do not know exactly how to take care of your home. Using a solution that makes managing your home easy is a great step to understanding how to take care of it, how to manage your design and improvement projects, and how you can track everything you own in your home.

HomeZada does just that … helps you manage your home. HomeZada will guide you through the process of home management by establishing basic maintenance tips in a calendar that will alert you when you need to change your air filters for a clean healthy home or when to clean out your dryer vent to prevent potential damage by fire. HomeZada also helps you create more tips with an extensive library of maintenance activities that you can customize on to your home’s personal calendar.


When you move into a home, you want to make it yours by personalizing the design and look of your home. Using HomeZada to track all the home improvement and design projects can help you stay on budget and help manage multiple projects at one time. Managing all your projects in one place can help you have a thorough understanding of what you need for each project and help you build shopping comparisons of items you need for your projects.


And when you are in your home, whether you have moved items with you or are buying new ones regularly, you can now track all your home’s contents to verify that you are properly insured and to protect in case of a challenging situation like theft, fire or some other unforeseen problem.

Using HomeZada can help any homeowner get more acquainted with their home and understand exactly how best to take care of it. For more information on HomeZada’s home management system, visit us at

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

7 Fit Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Your mom watched you grow from a bald headed baby to the mature adult you are today, so the least you can do is give her a magically magnificent Mother's Day. However health is the most important gift to deliver, allowing you to spend future holidays together.

On May 11 stay away from a blubbery brunch. Instead punch up your yearly ovation to Mother with a healthy celebration like no other! Here are 7 fit ways to celebrate Mother's Day.

    1. Take a Spa Day
      Stress is the hidden monster in all of us, wrecking havoc on our body and mind. In fact, studies have linked stress to obesity, headaches, heart disease and several other health maladies, not to mention skin issues! Share a day with your ma at the spa and look in awe that if you take the time to relax your mind and you may find that health problems decline.

    2. Go for a Healthy Hike or Wonderful WalkGet some quality time to catch up and chat with mom, all the while throwing a pack of matches on a cluster of calories and watching them burn! Track your walk with a fitness app such as Digifit's iCardio app, mounting your iPhone with The Saddle, a comfortable and convenient way to bring your iPhone with you on every walk, jog, run or hike. The Saddle is available for $29.99 from

    3. Picnic at the ParkOne of the best parts about Mother's Day being in May is the sun should be shining and you can go out and play. Ditch the traditional Mother's Day brunch, and instead head to a local park and pack a healthy picnic. Bring a Frisbee, soak up some sun, and enjoy what should be a beautiful day.

    4. Replicate an Amazing RaceSet up a scavenger hunt around town and challenge family teams to complete the search, including fun clues and inside jokes. This guarantees a Mother's Day you will never forget! Read here for tips on How to Plan a Family Scavenger Hunt.

    5. Play BallRecruit a couple of families from your neighborhood together for a mini softball tournament. Don't forget to get the t-ball out for the little ones and pack light and healthy snacks to munch on throughout the game. If softball isn't your thing, consider flag football, backyard volleyball or soccer. Even badminton would be a fun game that will get the family active while having fun!

    6. Focus on Family, Not FoodOften people make Mother's Day plans around eating, be it going out to brunch, eating cake or making a big meal. Instead, emphasize activities that take advantage of the time you get to spend with the people you love. Try out some fun games such as Loaded Questions or Apples to Apples, or stretch out the vocal cords with some Karaoke!

    7. Go Window ShoppingMother's day is all about mom and you should consider asking your favorite woman what she prefers to do most. If she isn't an outdoor enthusiast, she may enjoy walking around downtown and browsing shop sales or find a local flea market where you can scope out cheap treasures.

Digifit offers truly engaging health and fitness solutions using sensors and wearable technology integrated with mobile devices and the cloud so users can track activities anywhere, indoors or out, with a focus on heart rate training and monitoring. Founded in Santa Barbara, Digifit was the first app developer to bring heart-rate monitoring to the iPhone, and is dedicated to developing innovative applications, grounded in science and powered by technology, to help people develop healthy habits and lead healthier, happier and longer lives. For more information, visit

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Teens and Technology: Managing Cell Phone Usage

Dr. GrossEveryone has a cell phone. At least, that’s what your teenager says to you during his/her constant pleas to have his/her own phone. One of the biggest questions making the rounds among parents of tweens and teens is not if, but when, to get your child a mobile device.

Teen cell phone usage continues to make headlines, from teen sexting bringing to light an old Massachusetts law which makes sexting a felony, to stories of how teens’ late night usage of cell phones could lead to mental health problems. On the one hand, parents like the thought of being able to reach their kids at any time; on the other hand, cell phones bring a whole slew of issues to the parenting realm that many parents, much less children, are prepared for.

The majority of teenagers and parents report feeling safer when teenagers have their own cell phones because of GPS features, which allow parents to know where teens are, and also serve as insurance against abduction because of tracking capability. That said, if your child needs a phone for emergency, there should be restrictions in place for usage, and there should be consequences prepared for ahead of time if your child breaks one of the golden rules.

If you decide to allow your child to have his/her own cell phone, whether in middle school or high school, here are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind.

Remember that tweens and teens with cell phones are still children. If you decide to give a tween or a teen a cell phone, you must remember that the brain of this child isn’t yet done forming. Scans show that the parts of the brain that manage impulse control and planning ahead are not finished developing in an adolescent brain, and in fact, are among the last parts of the brain to mature. So teens may still feel like they are invincible, take risks, embrace danger, and believe they are unbreakable and that nothing bad can happen. It is up to you as the parent to carefully and clearly layout the ground rules with your children if you choose to give them cell phones, so that they understand and are involved in both the rules and the consequences.

Specify phone usage hours. Determine the time your teen can start using his or her cell phone and when the cell phone must be shut off for the night. You can even take the phone away at night and return the phone to your child in the morning. Studies show that kids actually like having these times set by parents, because it also gives them a socially acceptable “out” from having to be tethered to their phones for their friends 24/7.

Communicate with your child often and openly. In a recent study, 26% of teens report being harassed or bullied text messages or phone calls. This makes it critical for teens to feel that they can trust their parents enough to communicate if they are the victim of bullying or harassment via cell phones. Trust is based on experience, so begin by building open lines of communication by using my empathic process with your child from a very young age. That way if your child does find himself/herself in a questionable phone situation, he/she will feel comfortable coming to you with the information.

Know what the rules are at school. Each school has its own rules regarding cell phone usage on the premises. Some schools forbid student cell phones at all on school grounds, some allow cell phones to be kept in student lockers or backpacks, while others allow limited cell phone usage in-between classes or even during class time to aid with assignments. Talk with your child’s principal, guidance counselor, and teachers, read the school district guidelines, and make sure that you and your child know what the rules are for your child at school.

Lay out the consequences clearly and from the beginning. Make sure your child knows that if X happens, then the consequence will be Y – and, make sure that you follow through with the consequence. Never go back on your word; that will only teach your child that there are no real consequences, and this is the age where learning about consequences can be crucial to your child’s future.

Consider a cell phone contract between you and your child. Cell phone “contracts” are all the rage online these days, and they’re not a bad idea. Basically, you take all of the cell phone usage guidelines you would like to set forth and print them out in an agreement that you and your child both sign. If you need inspiration, there are several online, including this popular contract and this printable cell phone contract that you can download and print out.

It is a parent’s job to teach teens that becoming an adult means finding and asserting your own authority. This is a great opportunity to model for your child what it means to be an adult by showing confidence in your rules, and also by gaining their trust. At the end of the day, parents must parent. When teens learn to find their own authority, they learn that people cannot pressure them. What you are modeling for your children is that strong central core so they’re not vulnerable to peer group socialization. Once they have that strong core and sense of self, things like bullying and peer pressure are no longer as big of an issue, and they are more confident in using a cell phone of their own and proud of the responsibility.


Dr. Gross Ph.D., Ed.D., is frequently called upon by national and regional media to offer her insight on topics involving family relationships, education, behavior, and development issues. A dependable authority, Dr. Gross has contributed to broadcast, print and online media including CNN, FOX’s The O’Reilly Factor, MSNBC, The New York Times and USA Today. ABC, CBS and KHOU,Great Day Houston Show. She is a veteran radio talk show host as well as the host of the nationally syndicated PBS program, “Let’s Talk”.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

computer clean upWave goodbye to snow and polar vortexes—spring is here (sort of). This means saying hello to April showers and May flowers, as well as some cleaning up around the house you've been putting off all winter. Don't just concentrate on mopping your floors and making those bathroom sinks look shiny, though: Your computer could use some cleaning too.

How NOT to Clean Your Hardware
Be sure to unplug your computer before you start. Second, never spray liquid cleaners directly into your system. If you use any liquid to get rid of dust, pour it lightly onto a cloth first.

Fans and Vents
When it comes to the hardware portion of a routine PC cleanup, your best friend is a can of compressed air, which will allow you to blast every fan and vent on the outside of the tower.

Tackling the Interior
First, touch something metal for several seconds to ground yourself and prevent static electricity from damaging the sensitive inside components of your system. Next, remove any added video or audio cards and place them aside. Other components, like audio connectors and port extensions, can be taken out too. Be careful when using a vacuum—it's effective for much of the built-up dust, but don't get it near any PC components. Get out the brush and compressed air you used for the exterior and very gently get to work on the motherboard and slots.

Piecing It Back Together
Before you seal the machine back up, carefully clean all of the components you set aside with your brush. Then put them back where they belong, ensuring that you replaced everything to its rightful position and you didn't leave any cleaning materials inside the case. Close it all up, but wait at least half an hour before plugging in your now-clean PC and booting it up again.

2. Apps

Clearing Out the CRUDD
Go through your applications folders. Chances are, there will be some programs listed you've barely even noticed before—some of them may have come pre-installed and others may have installed themselves without your knowledge. Regardless, if you don’t need them, you can delete them.

Update Everything
Set aside some time to tackle updating all the software you've been putting off. Installing software updates will speed up your system and make sure your computer is protected against many of the latest security threats, which get patched regularly within programs but remain unpatched in older versions.

3. Hard Drive

Benefits of Backup
Back up your files onto an external hard drive or cloud storage service. Then go through your library and delete some of the stuff you don't use very often anymore.

Get Rid of Fragmented Data
Run a defragmenter to remove clutter from your hard drive. Like many of the processes on this list, you should do it more regularly than once a year. 

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Moms, Dads and Grads Gift Guide

Gift IdeasThe ultimate Moms, Dads and Grads gift guide is finally here! This is a huge list of gift ideas for moms, dads and graduates including gadgets, creative gifts, food and wine, and gifts to pamper! All of the products listed here are tested and approved by yours truly. Before we get to the gift ideas, here are the important dates to remember:

When is Mother's Day? May 11, 2014

When is Father's Day? June 15, 2014

When is Graduation? I don't know. Ask your kid. :)

Onward to the gifts!

Gadget Gifts

Duracell Powermat GoPower Wireless Charging Kit

SOL Republic Master Tracks Headphones

Lexar JumpDrive S33

Crucial Solid State Drive

Logitech Mini Boombox for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

Logitech m600 Touch Mouse

Logitech K750 920-002912 Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Extenders zBoost YX545 SOHO Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster

Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach

Targus Slim Case for iPad 3rd Generation

Brookstone Travel Sound Therapy System

Eye-Fi Camera to Phone

Belkin Miracast Video Adapter

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

XY Find It

DownBeats Reusable High Fidelity Hearing Protection

MedCenter Recording Your Minder

Creative Gifts

The Bodhi Tree collection 

Oola Positive Thought Buttons
Mondani Navy Handbag Natalie Ostrich Scoop Chain Double Shoulder by Emilie M

Poetic Justice Maya Skinny Jeans

Food and Wine Gifts

Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller and Aerator

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack

Estancia Chardonnay Monterey County
Woodbridge Merlot California
Claiborne & Churchill Edelzwicker
Claiborne & Churchill Pinot Nior

Golden Blossom's White Forest Organic Honey


Pamper Gifts

British Sterling H.I.M. Reserve Cologne Spray

STM Link for iPad Shoulder Bag - Olive

Juliette Has a Gun Perfumes

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm with Sunscreen

Zylast10% discount code for Geek Chic Review readers: GCR10

Beauty Addicts Play Collection Makeup

Hard Candy Makeup

Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection

Micheal Todd True Organics Damascus Rose Enriched Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash, Rose Petal Vitamin C Gel Facial Mask

L'BRI Pure n' Natural Rejuvenating Facial Peel, Facial Masque

Dep Sport Endurance Styling Gel

La Bella Shine and Repair Argan Oil Styling Treatment

LA Looks Extreme Sport Gel

Somersets Shaving Oil

got2b Beach Trippin’ Salt Infusion Waving Spray

Fantastic Cleanse Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner

Australian Gold Exotic Blend Sheer Coverage Continious Spray Sunscreen 50, Sheer Coverage Faces Sunscreen 45, Aubrey Natural Sun 45 Unscented

Rusk Sensories Shampoo (Moist and Brilliance), Deep Shine Color Care Lock-in Treatment, W8less Hairspray Strong Hold

Spa Sonic Skin Care System

Stormsister Shhh…Soap Bar

Sparitual Infinitely Loving Body Lotion Chinese Jasmine

Mitoq Power Antioxidant Rejuvination

Borage Leaf Foaming Cleanser

ASAP Daily Exfoliating Scrub with AHA

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream

Myo Essentials Exfoliating Cleanser

Kate Somerville Dilo Oil Restorative Treatment

Aubrey Revitalizing Therapy Cleanser, Moisturizer, Toner, Serum, Gel Mask

Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Complete Complex Serum, Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion PA+++, Medical ELASTILash Eyelash Solution, Medial Eye Treatment Gel Restorative Elasticity Complex

Osea Cleanser and Cream

LYTE Show for Rapid Rehydration

Sent-Well Cards

Zim's Crack Creme Gift Basket

Baby Sebamed Shampoo, Wash and Cream

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm with Sunscreen

 Disclosure: I receive products in exchange for writing reviews. There may be affiliate links in this blog. I'll earn a commission if you buy something through these links.